Psi Chi Temple University Chapter 

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Psi Chi Application and Membership Information

Here is the link to Psi Chi's membership application.
Please fill it out and return it to Psi Chi's mailbox on the 6th floor of Weiss Hall. Our advisor is Dr. Marsha Weinraub.

* Overall GPA: 3.2
* Major GPA: 3.5
* At least 9 psychology credit hours at Temple (this does not include transfer credits)

How to check your GPA:
1. Log into TU Portal. (
2. Click on the tab “Student Tools” at the top of the page.
3. Click on “DARS” in the “Records” section on the right side of the page.
4. Click “Submit an audit”.
5. Select “Latest (all)” and “List all requirements”. Do not include planned courses.
6. Click “Run Audit” and wait a few minutes. Nothing will change on the screen so just click on “view submitted audits.”
7. Hover over the blue GPA bar. This tells you the overall GPA which must be 3.2 or above.
8. Make sure that you have completed at least 9 psychology credit hours at Temple (typically this is 3 classes). You can see this by hovering over the green bar labeled “Major.”
9. Click on the green “major” bar. Hover over the new blue GPA bar. This is the major GPA which must be 3.5 or above.

                                                           How to become a member:
* Drop off your application in the Psi Chi mailbox in the mailroom (Weiss Hall, room 406). Please do not put it on or under our door.
* Email [email protected] to inform us that you have dropped off your application and would like an interview.
* The secretary will set up a time with you during our office hours.
* If you meet the requirements, you will pay a lifetime membership fee of $75 ($55 goes to the society, $20 goes to our chapter). The check should be made out to Psi Chi Temple.

Find Psi Chi’s Constitution here:

Stop by to see us with any questions during our office hours (posted on our door) in Weiss 406 or email us at [email protected] Also, check out our bulletin board on the 4th floor!